Saturday, 17 December 2011

spam part 1

Do you like spam spam and razorspam, melta spam spam and melta, spam chimera spam chimera and melta vets, long fang spam and spam, spam spam and psyfleman, or spam venom spam raider spam ravager spam. Personally I only like certain spam flavours, the others are a bit boring but that's not why you shouldn't take them. No no! There are other reasons for that …..........

Friday, 9 December 2011

A Tale of Things to Come

Since my allied inquisition force (Sisters of Icarus and sons of Deadalus I'll spare you the narrative as it is still to painful to talk about them) was outlawed by most tourneys in the country (UK) and sisters subsequently got nerfed by white dwarf, I've had to begin again. I always find it a powerful tool just to sit down and write a list of what I need to do. So this is a look at things to come both here on this blog and on my own work table.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Brent's Old Cronies

So I’ve been struggling for a first article to put up on this board. I have a fair amount of stuff written and a bundle of ideas for future articles but the timing isn’t right, this board is just not of age for them. So I was stuck with what to write, and then this comes along . The bit below is my submission.

When I decided to write this article choosing to do the necron list was the easy bit. Two things required careful consideration: Firstly was the style of the article. I had to think about the judge. The fact that Brent is an attention whore is pretty much a given, he gushes when people say or do nice things and I thought long and hard about his obvious latent homosexuality. It seemed apparent that sycophantism with a large dose of homo erotic undertones was probably the winning ingredient.